Bren bit

When my MIL came down she brought with her the crib that we had stored up at their place. When Bren saw it, he crawled into it and stood up in the middle of the frame. Mimi told him that that was the bed for the new baby. I then asked him where the baby was and he grinned a very big & cheesy grin at us, patted his own chest with his hand and proudly exclaimed, “Here he is!” He is so right. 😀
18w3d. I have found my brick wall. There is only so much I can do before I wilt. Bren’s party took a lot of preparations and we worked for hours setting things up, decorating and cooking. Halfway through the party I sat down and was too tired to move! I am so glad I had MIL and DH to help with what needed done.
Here is a pic from today:

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