Our child will be legitimate

Cycle #14, Cycle Day #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The hag is here!
We went to my RE’s office today and fetched the DI papers that Dr. Witz needed to sign. We also signed under a notary a statement that included a section on Texas law that was very interesting. It stated that:
“I, Darrell, as Husband accept the act of insemination as my own and agree:
a. That such child or children conceived or born shall be my legitimate children and heirs of my body, and
b. That I hereby waive forever any right which I might have to disclaim or omit the children as my legitimate heir or heirs, and
c. That such child or children conceived or born shall be considered to be in all respects, including descent and distribution of my property, a child or children of my body.”
Too, too cool. This child will be legitimate! I knew I loved my state! And that answers my question about what to do when my child has to draw a family tree for school! :o)
I also got my Clomid Rx and filled it. I take my first dose on Sunday! Come on Clomid, work your magic!
We did hit one small snag. I found out that I am CMV negative. It turns out that CMV is a STD that 80% of people have. I couldn’t believe it when I heard that! And by association, DH is CMV negative too! ;o) But the snag is that I must find a donor who is CMV negative also. And that leaves me with only 20% of an already small selection to choose from. Well, there goes photo matching… and I have only 12 days to select and ship the stuff to my RE’s office! Yikes! Of course, it HAD to be a Friday I found all this out and I now have to wait until Monday to do anything about it!
I wrote on the board why I chose DI over adoption. Here is what I wrote:
1. Adoption takes a long time to complete, with home studies, waiting for final adoption papers, court appearances, etc.
2. Adoption costs $10,000 to $20,000 or more
3. You don’t always get a newborn
4. You have no control over mother’s diet or prenatal care with adoption
5. It will be genetically mine- and I get to see the donor’s history too
6. In TX, DH must sign a form stating that this child will be his “as if by his own body” including inheritance
7. I get to experience pregnancy, bonding in the womb and breastfeeding
8. Nobody I don’t want to tell will know we had infertility issues
I am SO happy this option is available to us! :oD