Baby Shower

We ended up having a great party last night. Many of DH’s coworkers came to wish our little family best wishes. Mary K outdid herself with an assortment of goodies including 3 dips she made herself. Her punch recipe was really good as well- 1 can pineapple juice, 2 cans thawed OJ concentrate, juice of 1 lemon, 1 T vanilla and 3 20 oz bottles of Sprite. Mmmmm! The cake was especially beautiful and she had them design it with airplanes! As you can see, Bren loved it as well.

See the toddler finger sized spot missing?! LOL.

We received lots of nice gifts… here are some:
Several onesies and outfits in various sizes
lil booties and a pair of crocheted slippers
small and large Avent bottles to fit on my pump
an airplane themed photo album
a hanging toy to clip on the carseat and wrist rattles
a “My brother and Me” picture frame
2 nice blankets
a Baby Einstein music CD
2 Babies R Us gift cards
2 Target gift cards
an HEB gift card
a JCPenney gift card
As a bonus, Bren did not hide under any tables though he did run off a few times. There were 2 little boys there that played airplanes with him. We all had a great time. DH works with some very sweet people! I wish I had thought to dress Bren in his “I’m the Big Brother” shirt though. Doh!

One thought on “Baby Shower

  1. Oh, that’s so nice of them. And cake is always great ; )
    So are you feeling like a “watched pot” yet? It was about this time that my mom had her cell phone on LOUD so that any time it went off she could run to it at a moments notice. Even her co-workers were running for it by the end of the 36th week. Who knew they were right? My ds was born at 37w4d!
    It’s so exciting to watch your journey!

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