Mostly Kayley Chronicles

6/5 K lost her umbilical cord stump. Bren weighs 69.6 lbs. Andy weighs 37.4 lbs.
6/6 K’s first bath
6/13 switched to size 1 diapers. 🙂
6/14 Kay’s hair is past her neckline in the back! She also makes tiny batting motions with her hands at the toys under her gym. Daddy fixed her swing!!! Yay! I think she likes it too!
6/17 I regularly pump 24 oz in a day now. I couldn’t keep up with 8x a day though so for now it is 7x. I can’t remember when babies tend to BF less than 8x a day though. I’m going to lose the rental pump in a week… but $75 is too much to justify. I can buy a month’s worth of formula for that much. Pumping is still a day to day thing… can I keep it up today?
6/22 For the first time one of Kayley’s 3 oz bottles was not enough food for her.
6/23 I pumped a 6 1/3 oz bottle today- whoa! Kayley has such a big poop that it moved up her entire back, up to her neck and around one shoulder! YAK!! Kayley looks much less like a newborn today. Her head is bigger and her face is smoother and her chin chubbier.
6/24 Miss Kayley weighs 9 lbs on the button! Way to grow kiddo! Brendan finished up a week of soccer camp today. He loves it!
6/26 Kayley, your hair is curiously wavy! I had a good laugh with Brendan today. One of his stories was about a man named Lightning Roy who has been struck by lightning 7 times and lived each time. The story said the most dangerous states to live in for lightning were Florida, North Carolina and Texas. He worried over that for a bit and then he read that the worst month was June. I asked him if he knew what month this was and his eyes got big and said, “June?!” Hahahaha. It was funny. We haven’t had a thunderstorm in what seems like forever.
6/29 Kayley drinks 7 3.5 oz bottles a day right now- roughly at 4 am, 7 am, 11 am, 2 pm, 6 pm, 9 pm and midnight.
6/30 Haven’t said much about Andy lately. He is sooo into video games- Mario Smash Bros., Cake Mania 2, other Mario games mainly. He is busy keeping up with Brendan! He cannot wait to go to soccer camp next year but he has enjoyed staying up later than Brendan with us since Bren has had to go to bed earlier. He’s trying our patience a bit- like doing something or saying something we’ve told him not too and when caught has responded with “I didn’t think you’d see/hear me!” DOH! He is more interested in Kayley than Brendan is. He gives her unprompted head pats and kisses occassionally now. He’s my snuggle boy! He’s my variety eater too- he happily chomps raisins, peaches, broccoli (raw and cooked) and corn- things Bren really doesn’t care for. He ususally skips the bread on sandwiches and hot dogs though.
Bren is almost done with a second week of soccer camp. It’s done him good!! He seems to be about 3 lbs lighter right now (66.6) … I wonder if that’ll be true next week still or if it is just all the sweating he has done, haha.
I’m just moving from 6 pumpings a day to 5. I needed to do this because I cannot keep up a strict schedule when Darrell isn’t around. He starts back to work half days soon. I still pump about 22 oz a day- maybe 2 oz less than K drinks. She still has never had formula since the slight amount they gave her at the hospital. I am aghast at the price of (not Carnation or even Nestle anymore) Gerber Good Start formula- wow! A week’s worth is going to cost us $22.50!
I can’t believe I have a daughter… a lovely, snuggly, itty bitty baby girl. 😀