My fertility monitor really works

Happy Halloween!!!
I took my last Clomid pill tonight… but I know it is already doing its magic because I got a HIGH fertility monitor reading this morning!!!! WooHoo! I was beginning to think that I wasted $165!!! Just about time to start that BD Fest!!! I am on CD# 9 and I am having crampies on my right side. I sure hope I am not Oing quite yet. I am not ready!!!
I don’t think my boss is PG… nor is my friend Marcia who works for her too. Marcia and I talk a lot about TTC now. It is nice to have a “real” TTC friend instead of a bunch of “imaginary” friends. Or as one boarder says, her “invisible” friends! Marcia and I still laugh about how it would be great to be PG together!! I hope it happens.
I can’t help but be in high spirits this cycle. I feel the Clomid gives me a pretty good shot—even if it is only 20 to 25%. I so want this baby!
Sam is a real cutie. He walks very well for a little tyke and tries to run too. He has been real close to me lately and cries when I go home now! Awww! I just found out that I’ll be getting more than a week off at Thanksgiving! Bad for the paycheck but great for the soul! I so need to get working on my quilt!!
Darrell is a clown this Halloween. I can’t wait to see his getup and squeak his nose!! LOL.