Clomid #1 was not the big winner

Well, cycle #1 on Clomid was not the one… I am now on day 1 of cycle #8. To give my body due credit, I think everything was great except the egg did not implant. They say only 40% of eggs that make it that far get implanted. I’ll just have to try again. Even my luteal phase increased to 11 days- much better than 10 days.
My next doctor appointment is on Wednesday. Here are the notes I have ready for her along with the temp charts of my last 2 cycles:
I have ovulated both times in the past 2 cycles. The first one was without the Clomid, on CD#33. I had a 10 day luteal phase. The second cycle, on 50mg Clomid, I ovulated on CD#23 with an 11 day luteal phase.
The progesterone test I took was actually on the day I ovulated on the second cycle. So my guess is that the low results are normal for then?
Side effects: the Clomid dried me up considerably, gave me a few minor hot flashes and I had two emotional days, but I think it was well worth it!
1. Isn’t the purpose of the progesterone test to see what your level is at one week or more after ovulation? If so, why was I required to take this test on the day I suspected ovulation? I asked if I needed to come back in a week or so and was told no. I am confused about this. Next time, if I have not ovulated before test time or I am currently ovulating, should I again take the test anyway?
2. I recently talked with a cousin who I found out has PCOS also. As far as I know, she isn’t trying to conceive, but she was put on Metformin and said her cycles apparently normalized. Would Metformin help me, either with or without the Clomid?
3. Is there a limit to how many Clomid cycles you allow? When Clomid works correctly, by what day should ovulation occur?
4. If I don’t get pregnant this cycle, it looks like my next cycle’s days 1-5 will very likely occur while I am away from home for the Christmas holidays. If this turns out to be the case, what should I do for the following cycle to be seen for the next round of Clomid?