Six weeks old & weaning has begun

My little bub will be 6 weeks old tomorrow!! I can’t believe it! He is growing up right before me and I feel I am missing some of it!!! I can’t wait to find out how tall he is and how much he weighs! I need to make his 2 month pediatrician appt. I need to ask what he recommends for scaly scalp and what the little red dot on the top of Brendan’s head is. I think it is a birthmark or a mole. Brendan now stays awake for longer periods of time- 4 to 5 hours sometimes. At night, he sleeps from about midnight to 3 or 4 am. Then he eats, gets changed and goes back to sleep until 10 or so. If I am still tired, often he will go back to sleep with me for an hour or two more after another bottle and change. When he wants his food, he wants it NOW!! He mouths his hands and fidgets for about 10 or 20 seconds before crying.
Wednesday, April 23 was my follow-up appointment with my OB. Found out Darrell was right and she IS pregnant! She’s due the end of July. There is something that is just right about your OB being pg!! I told her about my low milk supply and she prescribed Reglan (LOL… that’s what’s prescribed for morning sickness!). A side effect of it is more prolactin, the milk hormone. She said to take it 3x a day for 10 days and then stop. She also said I could take Blessed Thistle (an herb). I had heard of that and Fenugreek. She had never heard of Fenugreek herself so had no info on it. We’ll see what happens! I also asked her about the Glucophage and she said I could go back on it, but prefers to wait until I stop breastfeeding. She said Bren was beautiful… beam… and guesses he is 13 POUNDS!!! OMG!! He has become a chubster in the past day or two!! She also asked about birth control, saying “you never know…” LOL. I told her another child would be a miracle and a blessing! An exhausting concept, nonetheless, LOL. She said I am due for my annual in August, which is cool because she will have had her baby then and I can congratulate her. Did I mention her and her staff sent us a cute “congratulations on your baby boy” card? As we left, I couldn’t help looking at Brendan and “noticing” how right she was! He HAD grown, seemingly overnight. I just couldn’t get over it! He was taller, bulkier and his head had grown too! I was kind of sad, feeling that I had missed his growth. She said I am due for my annual in August, which is cool because she will have had her baby then and I can congratulate her.
Brendan and I spent the next day with my friend Nico and her baby. We caught her off guard so I watched both babies while she showered and then she came over to my house to watch the babies so I could clean up. That was so nice!! We later went grocery shopping together and made tacos for both our families. We even ended the night with a rented movie- “Maid in Manhattan”. It was really good!
One night last week, Darrell and I popped in Brendan’s new “Baby Bach” DVD. We put him in his bouncer to watch it and he really loved it!! He waved his hands and feet all about and did his excited “hic-hic-hic-hic” sound. It was so cute that Darrell ran and got the camcorder to tape his reaction!
Well, that brings us mostly up to date. The big news is that I’ve decided to “wean” myself from this pumping ritual I’ve worked myself into. Breastfeeding is not what I had it cracked up to be AND THAT’S OKAY! Actually, it’s Darrell who wants me to keep it up. But, I’ve had enough. Even the Reglan the doctor prescribed to increase my supply didn’t work. So, I am pumping every 4 hours for 1/2 a bottle (3 ounces)… not what I wanted at all. I will miss the “perfect” nutrition for my son and the obvious weight loss benefits I was getting from it. I will regain my sanity, however, in not having to plan everything around when and how I am going to pump. My breastfeeding book says to wean slowly- pumping only to relieve pressure. Why do I see all sorts of plugged ducts and pain in my future? I hope not!
Brendan’s first train trip is Friday. We are training up to see the grandparents and to retrieve our truck. Gene was having it worked on for us. They have been so generous to us and obviously adore Brendan as much s we do! I am sad that neither of my own parents have made it down to see him yet.
I can feel that a smile is coming soon. Brendan has given us a couple of half-hearted attempts but we are waiting for the big, obvious one that says “I am smiling at you!” to call it a smile. I simply cannot wait!!! What I do know is that the little ones we have gotten take my breath away!!! Smile for mommy, son!

“I’m hungry!” (aka baby sign language). 4 weeks old.

One chair long and 1 month old.

Towel turban just like mama’s. Almost 6 weeks old.