Brendan’s first Thanksgiving

Thankful for the small stuff…
a baby that wakes up with happy kicks and a grin
Star Trek Enterprise
24 hour news channel
a husband that understands that being home all day is hard too
easy-to-mix baby cereal
Wonder Butter
message boards with fantastic friends just a click away
breezy, beautiful weather
Richard Simmons
remote controls- Brendan’s current favorite toys
being a Mommy
Dust Busters
a camcorder and digital camera to record all of Brendan’s cuteness and firsts
having just about all of the Christmas presents bought AND wrapped
bottles that don’t drip when held upside down
Leslie Sansone
an answering machine
baby wipes
Weight Watchers and feeling like I’m in control
having a family
1 point Chicken & Stars soup
being a wife
being healthy
Mimi & Grandpa
our PS2
Diet Vanilla Coke
having instant hugs just a step away
hearing my son’s joyous laughter and trilling
Laughing Cow cheese
the anticipation of 2 weeks holiday coming up
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! We celebrated with a quiet Thanksgiving at home, just the three of us. Darrell, unfortunately, has to work this weekend so we could not travel. Brendan had his first turkey- diced up tiny pieces of Gerber’s turkey sticks. LOL. We made butterscotch haystacks and ate Honey-Baked ham, turkey & Sweet Potato Soufflé. Yum!!
We also had Brendan’s photo taken with Santa at the mall. It took a few minutes for him to get frightened so we got a pretty good shot! He is such a joyous boy! But he did NOT light being sat next to the animatronic elf whose arm moved up and down! LOL.