9 1/2 months old, Brendan learns to crawl & sleep in his crib

Brendan is 9 ½ months old! He is such a sweetie- he loves to give kisses and high-fives and be held & cuddled. He has an impatient streak though! When he wants a bottle or some food, he wants it NOW! His grandparents loved having him for more than a week at their place and we loved getting away also. He has crawled up to 4 “steps” at a time now and loves to stand up if you hold his hands. He loves bath time, going outside & reading books too. He eats 2-3 meals a day plus 3-4 bottles (5-8 oz). He LOVES spaghetti noodles and cereal bar bits. I roll the sticky bits in dry rice cereal to lessen the mess.
We have been in the process of getting him to go to sleep in his own crib. We tried to get him to fall asleep in our bed and then transfer him to his bed once he fell asleep but ever since we came home from Christmas vacation at his grandparents’ house, he just will NOT go to sleep with us. So I was forced to lay him in his crib awake and suffer through his crying. In the beginning I’d go in and comfort him & lay him back down every five minutes. Now, 5 days later, I go in every 10 minutes. This is how long it has taken:
Night 1: 1 hour
Night 2: 2 hours
Night 3: 40 minutes
Night 4: 8 minutes
Night 5: 1 hour
We’re slowly getting there!
Dec 20: Brendan turns 9 months old!
Dec 21: He learns to sit up from laying on the floor! Bren goes shopping with Daddy!
Dec 22: Much to our surprise, you say “Dare-ol”!!! Clear as a bell!
Dec 23: We spend the night with Jana, Ella & Scott in Austin (from my March board)
Dec 24: We drive to Mimi & Grandpa’s house.
Dec 25: Brendan’s first Christmas!! He says “Ohhhh!” after opening each present!! :o)
Dec 26: Tooth #4!! He has both front lowers and uppers now.
Dec 27: “In & Out” Day- he is 41 weeks old and has been out of me as long as he was in me!
Dec 28: Bren woke up in his crib at Mimi’s house and called out “Mama! Darrell!” We were amazed! He also said “Moo!”- imitating Dad when they went to see the cows.
Dec 29: Bren sat drumming a pen near Dad. Darrell patted his tummy and said “Drum!” and he made the connection and started drumming on his tummy!!
Dec 31: Brendan gets a bottle of NA bubbly to help bring in the new year!
Jan 1: Happy 2004! Brendan learns to CRAWL by taking 4 “steps” in a row!
Jan 2: We drive home.
Jan 3: Brendan spends his first night in his crib in his bedroom
Jan 4: Brendan now gets up on his knees and loves to fling toys in the air and watch them fall.
Jan 8: We go to the park and barbeque with Nico, Mia & Travis.