Brendan makes interesting conversation

In 6 days Brendan will be 19 months old! WOW! Traditional cool & breezy October weather just hit us today and we are really loving it! He loves to search for airplane and point to the sky. Bren is right outside the window I am sitting by pushing his “Fred Flintstone” car around on our back patio. We knew chilly weather was on its way so we’ve spent the last 2 days have our last kiddie pool fling. Lol. We’ve hit off the fall season by visiting a corn themed little amusement park- complete a huge cornfield maze- and baking pumpkin bread yesterday. Brendan loved both! We also went to the circus one night.
Besides the obvious adoration of playing outdoors, Bren is really into matchbox cars now. He rolls them along the floor (and people!) and says “vroooom”!!! It is adorable! He even got his first remote control car. It has just 2 buttons- forward and reverse with a slight turn- but he loves it!!
Bren had his first all “real words” conversation today. Here’s the scoop:
Bren and I were in Mia’s room where he had left his sippy cup. I picked it up on my way out but he didn’t see me. I turned off the light and said “Let’s go, Bren”. He started to follow me out of the room but suddenly stopped, turned around and said “Uh-Oh! This! This!” while pointing at the place where he left his cup. I said to him “I have your cup here, Bren” and he responded “Oh!” He took it from me and we left the room together. :o)
I love his chatty talking! He will converse on the phone for minutes at a time and not try to push all the buttons! One night he amused us by saying “What’s that?” while pointing to cars on his pajamas. Then he’d answer himself and say “Car!”
He says a few more words since my last entry. He says DARRELL again plus BITE, MORE (“moh” lol), COW, TWO, RIGHT THERE and apparently now THIS.
He knows the location of a lot of body parts too- head, hair, nose, eye, ear, mouth, belly or belly button, foot, hand and sometimes tongue. He still mixes them up a bit though.
He kisses each of our cheeks and we kiss his cheeks back every night at bedtime. Then he waves bye-bye to daddy (or me), says bye and I put him in his crib. He gets a pacifier, his lovey bear, his fish aquarium turned on and covers. The I pat him on the head, tell him I love him, wave at the door and leave. It’s very easy to put him to sleep. It is frustrating though that he wakes up about 4 or 5 nights a week for another pacifier- sometimes twice a night! I think our early rising roommates often wake him. 90% of the time he goes right back to sleep but about once a week I have been sleeping on the twin bed in his room for the remainder of the morning.
We are still working on not hitting and being calm when we change his diaper. I think he is finally back to drinking plain whole milk! Yay! He was drinking ½ the amount of chocolate per cup that the container recommended, then ¼. He drank 2 cups plain yesterday and 1 today. I am so happy about this! :o)