This is roughly my son Brendan’s (who turns 20 months old tomorrow) daily sleep schedule. We keep a late routine in order to maximize his time with Daddy.
10:30 am- wake up
3:30 pm- nap in crib
5:30 pm- wake up
12:00 am- sleep in crib
(all right, to be totally honest, add the following)
2:00 (most nights) pacifier replacement
5:00 (most nights) the same
8:00 (a few days a week)pacifier won’t do- either sleep together in his twin bed or bring him into my own (DH has already left for work anyway). Too tired to contemplate anything else.

This was yesterday’s schedule.
6:00 am- wake up and refuse pacifier placement. Bring him to my own bed. Wait for him to settle in.
7:30 am- DH finds Bren wandering the house when he gets out of the shower. Have him change diaper and turn on Bob the Builder dvd- Mommy is way too comatose to move.
8:15 am- Bob is over, Bren lets me know LOUDLY. I push play again and get him a sippy of milk. Still 1/2 comatose.
9:00 am- Bob is finished again. Turn off tv. Bren plays semi-quietly. Mommy dozes in and out.
10:00 am- Brendan falls asleep next to me. Mommy gets up.
1:30 pm- Brendan wakes up. Mommy calls this Bren’s nap for day. Doesn’t know what else to call it.
8:30 pm- Brendan wimps out and gets put to bed.
11:00 pm- Brendan wakes up just as Mommy thinks about going to bed. Quiet play in Bren’s room.
12:00 am- Bren gets a milk and a diaper change. We climb in his twin bed and play and talk quietly. Mommy starts to doze.
1:00 am- still playing and kicking the wall.
2:00 am- Brendan finally falls asleep. Mommy doesn’t dare risk waking him by putting him in his crib so sleeps (poorly) with him and gets a very bad backache.