Who knew?

Did you know that Tomato Soup in Cup = Toddler Consumption? Who would have thunk it? Just call it juice. 😉
Bren has been coming up to me all day asking, “What dooooo?” Translation: What are you doing?” LOL.
Brendan is the proud owner of a bike- A Kawasaki even. Too bad he can’t reach the peddles. I give that about 6 months. He loves to Fred Flinstone it around but that took awhile. At first he refused to sit on it- he’d just wheel it around from in front of the handlebars. LOL.
Brendan’s birthday party is set for the 13th. That’s less than 2 weeks away. Yikes!! I have all the themed stuff (cars) but need to plan the food, make or buy invitations and get them sent out quickly. My little boy is growing up so fast!