Chaos with a headache

Brendan is having sleep issues again. He is waking up in the middle of the night plus at least 2 hours earlier than normal. It is driving me nutso. I am only half awake today.
DH and I spent much of the weekend (when it wasn’t raining and even some when is was) putting part of a concrete stone garden bed together. It is laborious work even to me, the mostly creative team member! You have to till the ground, dig out the area you want to lay the stones on, flatten it, level it, buy and haul stones, get each stone “just so” and level… you get the idea. We have 20 stones in place and maybe 50 more to go. They weigh like 25 pounds each!!!
First stone:

20 stones from the back (I’ll save the front for the grand finale, lol):

I am happy with our work so far but both DH and I need some serious recreational down time!!!
On a happier note-
Have I mentioned that Bren asks, “What doin’?” now. Haha. I also got him to eat half a strawberry AND lots of watermelon today. I can’t believe it, myself. He may be easing up on his pickiness. I can only hope it continues.
Bren’s 2 year checkup is on the 23rd. I can’t wait to find out how much he’s grown! He’s eating like a horse right now. Is there a 2 year growth spurt?! His birthday party is in 6 days. Looking forward to it but not looking forward to all the work that needs to be done beforehand.