Not quite so picky

One of the things that really has bothered me about Bren’s personage is his pickiness with food. From about 15 months til now his vegetable and fruit consumption consisted totally of bananas, apples, ketchup and occassionally a bit of spaghetti sauce on his noodles. I wanted to make sure I noted when any changes occurred for future reference. I am pleased to report he is easing up. He ate a strawberry a few days ago and then a bunch of watermelon. He eats applesauce again and drinks yogurt drinks with peach bits in them. He even tried some Greek pasta salad last night. I hope this continues.

One thought on “Not quite so picky

  1. well that is reassuring because my daughter is now 15 months and is hitting a wall with eating much of anything. Hopefully she will come around soon like your son.
    Thanks for the info,

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