The puzzling

Brendan’s language development is puzzling me. All I have read says that toddlers learn to call themselves by their name, followed later by Me/My, followed still later by I. Brendan does not say his name at all. Wasn’t that skill due awhile back? Nor does he say me, my or I. But he does say It’s. LOL. No, really. Last night he came up to me with a tiny stuffed animal and proudly proclaimed, “It’s Eeyore.”
Other puzzling stuff-
Apparently “Shu-Fee” means fishy. LOL. Totally backwards.
Also- Bren got a couple of Bob the Builder audio CD books from us for his birthday. So I popped one into the computer yesterday and turned off the screen. I called him over as the music started. He danced a jig and then climbed in my lap. Then the narrator started the story and Brendan was obviously puzzled. He looked at me and looked at the blank screen. Back to me, back to the screen. This being Bren’s first audio book, he had no idea that he was supposed to look at the book. He kept waiting for Bob to come on the computer monitor!!! Hahaha. I think by the end of the book he was getting the idea. I really thought these books had too many words per page to keep his attention but the narrator kept a quick clip, the voices of the characters were the real deal and there were lots of sound effects like the cat meowing and the bird tweeting. It was good.