It has been a fun Easter. Bren enjoyed 4 separate egg hunts- one at DH’s work, one at home, one at Mimi’s work & one at Mimi & Bopa’s house. For the first hunt, Bren was far more interested in the toys spread everywhere than picking up eggs. By the last hunt at Mimi & Bopa’s house, Bren was a seasoned pro and really got into finding eggs. He’d spot one and run to it shouting, “Oh, there’s one! Oh, boy!” He’d pick it up and toss it into his basket with a loud crack and all of us adults would wince. He dragged his ducky basket on the ground after it got to heavy to carry it. He was so cute and we had a lot of fun!! He ate his first jelly beans and his first two chocolate bunnies. Grandma Diane, Mimi, Dobie and I all made him baskets, lol!!
Since then, Brendan has been in heaven with his grandparents. He has played outside in the wide open country air and been Bopa’s right hand lil man. Gene is really good at scooping him up and taking him wherever he goes. Need to go into town for tractor parts? Come on, Bren! Get your shoes on!
His down time is even better up here. They have satellite tv with a Bagillion cartoon channels. There is always something good on. I have been glued to TLC and Discovery Health, soaking up the baby shows like A Baby Story and Birth Day. Yesterday, while watching Noggin, Bren watched a little boy do a somersault, something he has been trying to do for a couple weeks but hadn’t quite managed to get his feet over his head and into a nice roll. He got so excited- inspired– by this little boy that he ran to the middle of the floor and put his head right down and did that somersault!!! It was really neat to see. I sat on the couch and grinned like a fool, clapping madly.