General Update

Well, Bren does somersaults on his own now. Hahahaha. He wants to do them on beds though and he doesn’t give himself enough runway. He also points out the color blue now and snd says “blue”. I point out colors all day long so I am happy one is sinking in!!! He has been Wild Child for a good part of each day for the last week. It is hard to take. He threw a heavy metal car at DH’s new Dodge Durango and dinged the door. Darrell was in a funk for the rest of the day.
Bren did his first “Paint with Water” page recently. He loved it!!! It is perfect for this age! I am going to bring out the Play-Doh set he got for his birthday soon and the fingerpaints again.
I was snuggling him in the kitchen one day and asked him if he wanted a brother or a sister and he clearly answered “a sister.” Shocked both me and my MIL. LOL.
Bren got used to sleeping with me while away- he’s been sleeping 1/2 the night with me for the last 2 days. Gotta break him of that, it’s terrible sleep but… he does sleep in later that way! 😉
My garden is erupting. I pulled a white radish out that was the size of a large carrot!!! :O I have one cherry tomato plant that has 2 teensy green tomatoes and one larger tomato plant that has a half-dollar sized green tomato! YAY!
I made it through day 1 of Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet yesterday. Or as my friend Alora says, the “2ww” LOL. It wasn’t too hard! But we went grocery shopping and spent $160!!! Has anyone ever noticed that 99% of coupons are for carbohydrates??? 😕 Sheesh. But I found 1 good deal- low carb steak sauce was on clearance- I got 4 small bottles each for $1 when they are normally $3 each. Can’t eat steak w/o steak sauce!!!
Menu for today-
Breakfast- Cheesy omelet with salsa and sour cream
Snack- String cheese
Lunch- Cucumber slices filled with tuna salad
Snack- almonds
Dinner- Broiled marinated flank steak and broccoli.
Dessert- low carb/sf white chocolate almond ice cream bar

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