Boy achievements

Here are a few Bren-bits for you:
Mama: “Twinkle, twinkle little star…”
Bren: [Puts palm in my face] “Stop!”
Mama: [Starts clipping Bren’s fingernails]
Bren: [Moves hand away after first clip]
Mama: “It’s okay, Bren”
Bren: “It’s alright. It’s okay.”
Mama: [Reaches over and feels Bren’s diaper}
Bren: “No pee-pees!”
Bren likes to get up on the toilet now and sometimes he tries to pee so hard he shakes. But “no pee-pees in the potty” yet. He always wants to try after he has wet a diaper and pulled it off. Potty training is being child led for the moment.