Status, please!

Bawk, bawk. Both DH and I have been chicken lately in calling our RE’s office to find out the status of our 5 remaining vials of donor semen. Having already checked, our chosen donor does not donate any longer and all his surplus stock have been sold. So these 5 vials are very important to me- they represent Brendan’s only chance for a full sibling(s). I’d be pissed if something had happened to them because even if I would have to pay more than $1200 to replace them with an alternate donor’s semen, they are really irreplacable- and priceless. [/end MC ad]
Not that I wouldn’t proceed with a new donor (after finding the $$$ somewhere), but I think I will breathe easier if I get pregnant with spermies that I have tangoed with before. You know, I wouldn’t worry so much that the baby is purple with green spots. I’ve seen a beautiful child born of this particular sperm/egg mix. It works and I know I am compatible with it. I’ll worry plenty. I just won’t worry that it’ll be beautiful.
Well, Darrell came through and called a few minutes ago. All right. I’ll admit it. I begged him to call. 😉 He talked to a nurse about how we sent letters and they never responded. She didn’t know why but she DID go check on our little soldiers… and they are fine. Whew! ::Jen melts into puddle on ground:: Don’t know WHY I was so nervous, but when it comes to something that important… well, you just worry.
The nurse is going to initiate the retrieval of our records from their storage facilities so they’ll be handy and next week I will call and make the initial appointment. October 3rd if I can. The 1st of October had to be a Saturday. And watch, I’ll be on CD#4 and have to wait an entire cycle to start. Heh. CD #3-7 on 150 mg Clomid and 1500 mg Metformin XR worked for me- I ain’t changing a thing.
Isn’t it very, very odd that sperm have only traveled through me once in my entire lifetime??? I wonder if frozen semen degrades over time. I guess it has to. I wonder how fast that happens? Has there been a study comparing 6 month old samples to, say, 5 year old samples? I am so nervous to be getting into this mess of emotion and drugs and bodily invasions again. Doctors with their cold instruments. The copious amounts of money it takes. The horrific mood Clomid puts me in- and hot flashes it gives me. The waiting for everything. Oh God, I hated the waiting. The not knowing. The fervent wishing paired with the dashing of Hope of a stupid chemical and urine laced strip of paper that refuses to yield a 2nd line.
I can’t wait.

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  1. Hi there! I am so glad everything is ok with your vials – I have enjoyed reading about Bren and can’t wait to read about your next baby!

  2. Awesome news! I’m so happy for you! I can’t wait to read all about the journey to #2! Bren is going to be a great big brother.

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