Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

I almost have it in my hands!!!! We’ll be leaving shortly to go to the book party that Borders is hosting. Should be fun! We went to the last one when Order of the Phoenix came out. Brendan was only 3 months old. Got a sweet pic of us with Hagrid. Just about 3 1/2 hours more…
Brendan was very kind this morning. Instead of pestering me as soon as he woke up this morning he sat beside my bed and read books to himself. I woke up to him saying “zipper”. LOL. He also says “It’s raining!” We had a nice storm today and it hovered around 75 degrees- such a nice breather from the 100s we’ve had for quite some time now.
We went to Half-Price Books today. Bren got some new books and computer games. He can play all of his Reader Rabbit Toddler CD by himself so I got him the next step up, the preschool version. It says for ages 3-5, so we’ll see. It’ll be fun to be needed again, lol. He also got a Dr. Seuss Preschool CD (ages 2-4) and Crayola 3-D Coloring CD (ages 2 and up). We needed some new games!!
Bob the Builder, look out! Kipper the Dog has taken over as favorite cartoon around here. Brendan really laughs hard at his silly antics, such as when he hiccups or falls out of a swing. I love to hear him laugh!