Cord Theory

On another board where we were all desperately TTCing and having troubles, one of the girls had to go in to get a sizable tumor removed from her ovary and then had to go through a chemically induced menopause for 6 months before being able to TTC again (she went on to conceive twin daughters via IVF and had an “oops” daughter only a year later- dontcha love happy endings?). I really felt heartbroken along with her so I sent her a pretty stone that had the word STRENGTH egraved in it.
Just a few weeks later I found out that DH had no sperm and we geared up to try our first donor IUI. Well what do you know- along in the mail I receive a pretty silver necklace charm with the word HOPE on it strung on a blue cord. I was thrilled. A few days prior, I had gone to a Renaissance Festival and had a fertility charm hand stamped for me as well.
So I arrived at my IUI with 2 good luck charm necklaces. And at that very first IUI, I conceived!!! I continued to wear my charms for more than a month after the IUI. In fact, my medieval charm developed a cool pearly sheen to it that really had me thinking positively.
I told DH a few weeks ago that I needed to get my charms out and polish them up. I started thinking about each one and it dawned on me, like being struck with lightning, that I had “ordered” a boy and recived a boy. My HOPE charm had a blue cord on it!!
So I am going to test my little Cord Theory out and this time I am going to put 2 pink strings on it. My secret wish would be to conceive twin girls. 😀

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  1. [whispers] oy!, dear, IT’S NOT A SECRET ANYMORE!!!
    Hehehe. Hahahaha. Woulnd’t twin girls be just glorious? :]

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