Emerging alphabetically

Bren has made some headway into the world of the alphabet. His rendition of the ABCs is definitely garbled still but he is identifying a few letters and a few sounds too.
For example, I was on the computer yesterday and he grappled his way up the desk to sit on the small patch of desk that is empty beside the keyboard. He loves to sit there. It’s cute sometimes and annoying at others because if you don’t give him your full attention he starts pounding keys or covering up the screen with his hands. LOL. Anyway, he was quiet for a bit and then he leaned over and pointed to the R key. He said “R”. I looked at him in surprise and praised him. He then proceeded to identify the D key!!
Also, last night during bathtime, he picked up a foam letter C and started saying the C sound over and over- without prompting. And if you ask him “What does A (or B) say?” he will often get those right too.