2nd Bloodwork Results

Remember I had my blood evaluated as part of my annual gyn exam? And the results were worrisome? And how I researched what to do to lower my bad cholesterol and my high triglycerides (Omega 3 capsules from fish oil: 2-3 grams of DHA + EPA daily, 3/4 cup dry oatmeal daily, low total sauturated fats)? I can tell you right now that diet isn’t going to solve my problems alone. My week long trial bombed. 🙁 And that was me at my best.
Good news first, my elevated white blood cell count (supposed to be 11 or less) went from 14.8 to 11.1. It is obviously going back down. Yay! I can ttc now!
Test Normal Last year 1st test 10 days later
Triglycerides <150 176 199 181 😀 Total Chol <200 normal 194 219 What?! Good Chol 40+ normal 41 35 What?! Bad Chol <100 113 113 148 What?! I seem to be "borderline high" across the board. I am obviously going to have to deal with this. Sigh. But I think I'll have a baby first. 😉 No drugs for me while preggo! But I can see me being on a handful afterwards. Darn genetics! UGH!