Bren talk

Yesterday, Bren told me “Good job, Mama! High five!” And he held up his hand. 😀 He also told me to “hurry up”. LOL. He can also sing his ABCs all the way through pretty darn clearly. He knows an amazing number of the letter sounds as well.
Send me some patience, we have begun potty training in earnest. He is now sporting the very fashionable Gerber vinyl pants over cloth trainers. Ugh- I hate plastic pants. But I think pee running down the leg is particularly effective with Brendan. He hates messes.
He does not ask to sit on the potty but very occassionally and he has not yet produced anything (with the exception of that one time many moons ago…). He does not dress himself yet but he understands the mechanics of peeing and that it goes in the potty. It might be too early still but I am tired of diapers. The question is do I hate sitting with him in the bathroom for eternal lengths of time 6-8 times a day even more? Tell me it gets better…