Long awaited RE appt

In a nutshell- it went perfectly!
I did some paperwork. The doctor himself came out and greeted us and brought us back to his office. Even the nurse remembered us. They oohed and ahhed over pictures of Brendan before we got down to business. He even noticed it was my birthday! 😀
We basically reviewed the infertile details and we really didn’t have an update- I still have PCOS and don’t ovulate and DH is still azoospermic. He was glad I remembered what dose of Clomid I took since his file of me was a copy out of microfiche records (it *has* been four years…) and apparently that page either didn’t get copied to fiche or just didn’t get copied into the new paper file. We joked about us being his easiest appt all week because it was agreed to just to do what worked last time. 150 mg Clomid days 3-7, monitor for pending ovulation with OPKs, come in the day after a + for IUI.
He called in to verify the vials of semen were there in the lab and in good condition- yes. He also did a quick ultrasound to check my uterine lining and ovaries. That was really cool. I actually got to see the “clusters of grapes” in my ovaries that were my unreleased eggs. Definitely polycystic.
He wants me to go back on the 31st to give some blood for a progesterone test. If the result is under 3 we can be certain I did not ovulate this month and he’ll prescribe Provera to bring on my period. If it happens to be over 3, we’ll wait for my period to come on its own. Then on day 3 I’ll enter Clomid Hell once more. And I’ll welcome it with open arms.
And very, very cool to boot- the doctor entered this appointment as “polycystic ovaries” not as “infertility”. The result- a common, run of the mill $20 co-pay! Yay!
Have I mentioned that I am very very excited to be ttc once more? 😀

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  1. Yay! I’m glad you have a plan in action. I’m thinking all great pg thoughts for you. I hope it works on your v. first try, just like Brendan (and Josh!). Good Luck! Can’t wait to hear all about it.

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