Potential cycle timeline

I did my progesterone bloodwork this afternoon. I also took the initiative to book an u/s 2 days before Thanksgiving. Since the fertility clinic is closed on Thanksgiving and we want to go to DH’s parents’ house for 4 days, I wanted to have a look at my eggs at that time. If they are mature I’ll take an ovulation trigger shot at that time and go in the next afternoon for the IUI. If they are not mature enough, I can be reasonably sure that I’d get at least 3 days of holiday time away before I ovulate on my own devices.
So the countdown is maybe 3-7 days til AF shows (and starting Clomid on CD 3), 22 days until U/S & Trigger, 23 days until IUI, and 37 days til hpt.
It’s all happening now! In 9 days I could be “1 day” pregnant. Hahahaha. 😉
Happy Halloween! DH won 2nd place in “Most Creative” for his costume this year! I’ll post a pic soon. Just about to go trick or treating. WooHoo!