Bren talk

Bren has said some really cute stuff lately, despite his having the croup.
While we were at Target getting his meds and doing a bit of Christmas shopping, Brendan got tired of being in his stroller and yelled out, “Ayudame! Help!” *Rolls eyes* Thank you Dora the Explorer. LOL.
A few days ago we rented “Christmas with the Kranks” and were watching it in the living room. We had set Bren up on another tv with “Lady & the Tramp”. About halfway through the movie (which was pretty dumb BTW) there is a pretty camera shot of the beautifully decorated and lit up neighborhood. Bren walked in at that moment and said, “It’s Christmas!” Darrell and I looked at each other with bugged eyes and silly grins. We had no clue he knew about Christmas. This Christmas is going to be a blast now that he is older. I can’t wait to go driving around and looking at the lights and to put up our Pooh lawn decorations.
Last night while getting ready for bed, Bren was carrying around what we affectionately call “the booger sucker”. It’s a nasal aspirator that you use to clear out a baby’s nose. This particular booger sucker happens to be one of Bren’s favorite toys of late- it’s a “sky”. It does kind of resemble a rocketship. While putting Bren in his PJs, Darrell asked him, “What kind of sky is that?” His reply? “A booger sky”. Hahahahahahaha.
No sign of approaching ovulation as of yet. Two OPKs have only had faint 2nd lines. We have arranged for our friend Dobie to come stay a few days starting Friday evening. So perhaps we’ll be lucky to have the IUI Saturday morning or afternoon- but if I don’t get a + OPK by Tuesday morning, I still have that ultrasound appointment. Gonna keep us busy this weekend making homemade sausage for Christmas presents and I also have 5 sweatshirts that I am designing iron-on transfers for. I bought the special transfer paper for dark shirts. I hope they turn out well. We also plan on having a Thanksgiving meal here with Dobie. It’ll be fun.