OPK #2

Well I took OPK #2 this morning. Yesterday’s had a faint line, today’s had no line at all. Therefore, I conclude that the hcg trigger shot has now left my system and a hpt/opk will now be detecting any real hcg not the fake. But that’s on Monday when I am 12 dpo.
I am only 9 dpo so I really didn’t expect a dark line today. Though a dark line this early would probably have meant 2 babies. A tad sad about that.
The last 5 days or so of the 2ww is when I start to get anxious and fretful. I spend the firt week+ wishing time to pass and the last bit just not wanting the hope to end. Gonna have to pack this weekend with outings and projects to keep myself from moping.
Bren cracked us up last night. We were putting up some cool Christmas lights (they slowly alternate from red to white and back)last night on a living room wall for Bren. As DH was climbing down the latter, Bren rapid-fired 4 cautious statements. I can’t remember the fourth but the 1st three were:
“Be careful Dad!”
“Watch out!”
“Don’t get Boo-Boos!”
Maybe DH will remember it. Brendan has also been saying, “Look Mom- check it out!” all morning!

2 thoughts on “OPK #2

  1. Good afternoon!
    Well, my OPK this morning was slightly darker than yesterday’s but it was still very, very light.
    Bren is so cute! What a sweet kid to be looking out for dad like that.
    Well, I myself and almost hoping that the week won’t pass quickly so I can keep silently telling myself that I’m probably pregnant. 😉 Ahh, well the truth will come sooner than later I’m sure. Have a great weekend!

  2. You’re almost there. Keep yourself busy and time will fly. I know next IUI for me will fly by with two kids under my feet all day. Ha ha! Anyway-Wishing you tons of luck. I have no idea about those OPKs, but I’m still thinking two for you. Five eggs… there’s a high chance. :o)

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