The beta appointment

You wouldn’t believe all that went wrong this morning:
Didn’t have my name on the schedule (apparently I called when the receptionist was at lunch and the person who answered didn’t do it right)
Couldn’t find my file… and then once it was found they couldn’t find the page with my phone number, address, etc. on it
Had to wait til an IVF retrieval was done so the nurse could fill out the necessary bloodwork forms- since she didn’t know I was coming
The tech missed my vein the first try, couldn’t find a vein on the second try on the other side and then went back to the first spot to try again. Barely got enough. She even had the gall to ask me what all I have drank and when and pronounced me dehydrated- cause she missed?! She was really snotty about it too.
Oh well… the important thing is that is done and our favorite nurse promised that’d she’d personally call me with the news by the end of the day.
On pins and needles…

2 thoughts on “The beta appointment

  1. Good luck to you!!
    I took a second test this morning and it’s just as light as yesterday’s (maybe even lighter).
    So I’m leaving right now to get my Beta done. Wish me luck!

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