Delurking week

Welcome to delurking week! This is the week that I hope my readers will take 15 seconds to leave a comment for this post. I know lots of you are out there- please say hi (or whatever you want, really)! If you are worried about privacy, fake your information! Just say something, please! Looking forward to reading your comments!
A few Bren-bits:
Bren calls wheels “weegles”
While talking to DH on the phone yesterday, Bren asked him, “What you doing?” DH replied, “Not much. What are you doing?” Bren answered, “Nothing.” Since then I have noticed Bren playing with his animals and stuff asking them what they are doing. 😀
I’ve noticed in the last several weeks that Bren suddenly knows his colors. At least pink, orange, red, blue, green, yellow & black. We are working on white and purple.
He adores The Little Mermaid movie. He calls it “Swim”. LOL. He imitates Scuttle perfectly in his romantic “song” right before the “Kiss the Girl” scene. He’s just hilarious with his “Wah, wah wahhhhhhs!”
He likes to pretend to get stuck places and have me rescue him.
He says both thanks and welcome (“a-come”) regularly and has for some time.
He got a set of dinosaurs for Christmas from Uncle Dave and Aunt Tammy and now knows what dinosaurs are. He loves them!
He calls the playstation/X-Box controller the “M” because of its shape.

14 thoughts on “Delurking week

  1. De-lurking to say hi! I have been reading your blog since you were pg with Brendan (I don’t think they were even called “blogs” then, or maybe they were?). I found it when doing a search for “pregnancy journal” while I was ttc my first child. I now have a 2-yr old daughter and am due with my second (gender unknown) in 5 weeks. How time flies!
    Sorry to never leave comments. It’s a privacy thing, like you mentioned. But many congratulations on your second pregnancy!! I am so happy for you!

  2. Hello there, still reading your journal. Glad all is well with you and this baby. I come on pretty much every day to see what is new. Well congrats again on your pregnancy!

  3. I’m still lurking out here too. I check the blog almost everyday to see how the pregnancy is going. I can’t wait to find out whether it’s a boy or girl!

  4. Just stopping in to say HI! I have been reading since you were TTC Brendan. I stop in everyday to see what new is going on. The Bren-bits are the light of my week!

  5. Hey there,
    Of course I am here like you didn’t know. Glad things are getting better and night and day pg mmm…may mean girl. Any gut feelings…..I will pray for pink on your 20 week US. Hugs

  6. Jen,
    I really enjoy reading you blog. In fact, I have it on my desktop at work as an RSS feed. Sometimes I read it at work, and sometimes I read it at home. I can’t get enough of your writing. Brendan is sooooo cute. I just love the pictures. I can’t get enough of the little rascal. I’m so very excited for you on the new pregnancy! I really hope that it’s a girl.
    **schmack!** she slugs me from two feet away since she is sitting right next to me…

  7. Love reading your blog! Congrats on your pregnancy – keeping fingers crossed for a girl – they are soooo much fun!!! Bren is adorable!

  8. Hi Jen! I finally found out how to leave a comment on your website… it took a while of clicking around and searching. I wish there was a link that said: Post a Comment or Leave a Message, or whatever, but I’m glad I found this:-)
    Thanks so much for sharing your story on this website. I found it a couple of weeks ago and read everything from the very start. It is so nice to know that you persevered and really gave it your best to make your dreams a reality! And congratulations on your second pregnancy! I’m hoping to follow along until you have your little one in your arms.
    My hubby and I have just started on the TTC journey, so we don’t know what’s ahead of us… apparently it’s not as easy as it seems at first.
    Again, thanks for sharing your story! All the best to you, Darrell, Brendan, and (hopefully) your little girl,

  9. Jen,
    I have been reading your journal since the very beginning. I love to see what’s going on with you all. Congratulation on baby number #2, I’m thinking pink as well since as you pointed out the pregnancies are day and night of each other. Best of luck to you all. Keep posting 🙂

  10. Hi!
    Delurking here! I have been reading your journal since right before Bren was born.
    Congrats on the new baby! You are due about a month after me (also my second baby) 🙂

  11. Delurking! I’ve been reading since you posted on my blog. I’m so happy for you and your pregnancy!! I know you’ll be happy when it finally happens for me, too!

  12. Hi there Jen! I check in on your blog weekly….maybe even more often if you aren’t around the board much. I love that you keep your “journal” for all of us to read and have enjoyed it while I was pregnant with Jenkins. Congrats on your pregnancy….and I am sending you tons of pink vibes! :o)

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