Something funny

This is silly, but funny: go to the google search engine and type
in your name and then ‘needs’ after it. Ex: “John needs” and write down the first line of the description of the first website that appears, (it should say something like: “John needs a shave”)
My great need:
“Oprah says, Jen needs a break”
LOL! Yup- a break in the form of a girl!
“Right now, Brendan needs confidence, security and love. … What Brendan is getting is exactly what he needs.”
Heh! **Puffs up chest** 😉
13w6d. OB appt tomorrow! Never know what’ll happen at those! I had 2 days where I lost about 1/2 a pinkie tip’s worth of (ewww- green!) mucus plug so I want to ask about that. Also, I want to see if I can go in for the genetic testing stuff (like the quad screen) before my next appt & U/S. I want any potential bad news BEFORE I bond any more with my baby and know its gender.
And I lost a bit more weight… wonder if it’s enough for her to say something. Scale this morning says I am down 4 pounds for the pregnancy. I just look at most foods and gag! You CAN be hungry and not want to eat!
I did something wonderful though! I have been so tired lately that I added 1/2 of a bottle of starbuck’s mocha frappuccino + 2-3 oz chocolate milk to my breakfast routine. The caffeine is helping to combat my constant tiredness and I am getting almost a glass of milk’s worth of calcium in. Can’t tolerate straight milk (even flavored) or soda or coffee but this combo seems to work.
As for Brendan- nothing really new to report. We are working on his late night wildness. :/ But mostly he is loving and fun. With me being so tired, he is definitely watching too many cartoons though. I hope being up at the in-laws will get him more outdoors but it looks like it is going to be very cold up there. He will be thrilled with the train ride though!

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  1. “Darrell needs at least 20 years of creditable service to qualify for an immediate discontinued service retirement.”
    Damn, and I only have 8 years so far. :p

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