14 week OB appt

14 weeks!!! Wahoo! The day *I* consider to be the start of the 2nd trimester even though my OB goes by 12 weeks. 6 months remaining starting tomorrow.
Everything is fine. My Dr. was in surgery so my appt was delayed a bit and even then she was just tied up so we ended up seeing the nurse. Not much to a 14 weeker anyway so no big deal. I got to play with the doppler and was having some success even though I got readings of everything from 114 to 200- that swoosh-swoosh is unmistakable! The nurse got a heart rate of 157. S/he is still pretty far down there- the heartbeat was found right on my hairline. Their scale matches mine at home very nicely so if my appt had been yesterday I would have lost 2.5 pounds but I ate a salty meal last night… and, um, I’m a bit stopped up… and it showed on the scale this morning- so the scale at the office said I only lost 1/2 a pound this month.
The nurse said it was fine if I was having trouble with protein right now. She stated pretty firmly that if my body objects to proteins then I don’t need them right now. So I am not going to feel guilty about it anymore.
So our baby is fine & I am fine. I go back in 2 weeks for a weight check & quad screen bloodwork. The 4 week countdown until the big “check everything including the gender” ultrasound begins!!! March 16th at 1:30!
Took Brendan to see a nursery rhymes puppet show meant for toddlers this morning and it was hilarious! He loved it!! See you on the other side- our train trip begins tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “14 week OB appt

  1. Just wanted to say congrats on the second trimester and glad all is well with baby and you. The big gender u/s will come in no time! Take care.

  2. Congrats on the 2nd Trimester! I can’t wait to find out what you are having. Josh’s heart rate stayed at 155 pretty much my whole pregnancy. Boy? Hmmm…

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