Well I discovered that my m/s can be stress related! :/
I have been stressed today with all the spring cleaning we need to do before Bren’s birthday. We’ve mainly been accomplishing the outside work but that leaves the entire house! 😯 🙁 It’s not filthy or anything but could use some improvement and decluttering.
We did errands all day yesterday and I felt great but bombed last night from having done too much. I woke up this morning and noticed I was a bit dizzy. As the morning progessed and we planted a few things and I cleaned some windows- the up & down movements were making me dizzier and dizzier. I stopped cleaning and got upset because I was thinking I was never going to get anything accomplished this way and then noticed I was nauseous. It got worse until I finally started crying. DH has me sit down and watch an episode of Good Eats with him and I felt much better afterwards. I had stressed myself sick. 🙁
He’s going to take me out to eat and I guess I’ll just try to do and think about 1 thing at a time.
In other news…
One neat thing we discovered yesterday was a humongous 2 story restaurant called Chaco’s & Chalucci’s. We love Chacho’s Mexican food so we went in hoping it was the same. They had the Chacho’s Mexican food but they also had Chalucci’s pizza, a burrito bar, a bakery, an italian ice creamery, a smoothie bar and a margarita bar!!! Not to mention a 2 story tall kid’s tunnel playground- the biggest one I have ever seen with slides and toys and all kinds of crazy things! Not all the restaurant areas were open yet nor was the 2nd story billiards, games and dining areas but when this goes full swing it is going to be a mass of people! With great food and free excellent entertainment for the kids plus open 24 hours (2 areas serve breakfast- one hot and the other donuts and pastries)- how can you go wrong? It was simply amazing! Watch out Chuck E. Cheese!!
When I lay on my back in bed and pay attention, I can feel the baby move some. Sometimes it’s fluttery and other times it is more of a shifting of weight. I am guessing the placenta implanter at the top or back this time- yay! I can feel the top of my uterus and it’s right at my belly button. I was surprised because I read that it was supposed to be there at 20 weeks and I am at 17 now. I looked back at my records with Bren and sure enough, the first time the Dr. felt for the height of the uterus was at 24 weeks and I was measuring several weeks ahead. She even commented, “Big uterus!” But by 40 and 41 weeks I was measuring right at 40 weeks. Darrell still says I don’t look any bigger to him. LOL.
I still have the dizziness, constipation, headaches and nausea but not all the time or every day. My hip pains are so much better and I am starting to feel more hungry now. Still don’t know what I want to eat but know that I do want to eat. Fruits are definitely still the most appealing items. Not cooking, where I don’t smell the food or even think about food before I eat it helps too. An aversion I don’t think I have mentioned is barbeque sauce.
Bren is his same old self- an angel at home with wild tendencies late at night. He cries before every nap and going to bed at night. He just hates to stop to sleep! He loves water-play, whether in the sink or with the hose outside. He even took his first willing shower with me yesterday and loved it. He has been watching Rolly Poly Ollie and calls it “Poh-wee”- hard to distinguish from potty and for a while I thought he was saying party. He hates to ride in carts and complains about being put in the stroller but just can’t keep close to us in stores- and he’s even hid a couple of times. But if trips are short we try to let him get the exercise and just bear his antics. Our neighborhood HEB and Wal-Mart are always jam packed though. Just 6 days til his birthday party and 8 days til he turns 3. He’s such a little man now. Very independent yet still shy of strangers. 🙂 Sniffle.
Four days until the ultrasound. I am starting to dread it. I know I will be disappointed if it is not a daughter and I am trying to come to terms with how a son would be great too. Just trying to remain distracted. I remember feeling this way last time as well- I just want to KNOW so I can move on with whatever I am given and be happy.

8 thoughts on “Update

  1. Still thinking pink for you! I know how you feel though. I’m not even pg yet and I’m already thinking the same thoughts. I don’t think I’m finding out next time because I’m too chicken. I’ll find out the day of the birth.
    Good Luck!

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed that a little girl will be revealed during the u/s! I know that you really want a girl….and that no matter what the outcome that you will be happy with a healthy baby! Praying that your hearts desires will come true!

  3. Good Luck today! Please update when you get home. I’m dying to know here. I am hitting refresh every five seconds. 🙂

  4. Aimee- LOL, you can stop refreshing for awhile. My U/S is at 1:30 and then my OB appt is at 2:10. We’ll need to eat, go order balloons for Bren’s party and we might even stop off to buy the baby something and Brendan needs sandals. So my post won’t be til later! 🙂
    Thanks for the enthusiasm! I am about to die myself. I think I could run a marathoin right now. ROFL.

  5. Darn it. Well-HURRY BACK!!! I want to know!
    Brother or Sister for Bren? Hmmmmm….

    Blue or Pink? Or Yellow? I hope not Yellow!!! He/She better have revealed themselves. 🙂

  7. I think a lot of us are anxious to know whetjer its a boy or girl!! I hope you post when you get a chance, I keep checking too! LOL

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