3 year & 22 week appts

Bren is 38 pounds or so (he wouldn’t stand on the scale by himself so had to be carried by DH and then DH’s weight taken off) and 38 1/2 inches tall. That’s 90% for weight and 75% for height. The doctor said to really watch what he eats right now because it will be so much harder to fix later. He said he’s on track to be 5’10” and 175 pounds when he is 16 and that’s about 25 pounds too high for that height. Merely slowing down his weight gain by a few ounces here and there now and he’ll be back on track. I left his baggie of leftover Easter candy up at the in-laws. 😉 He got one shot- the 2nd Hepatitis A. Once the band-aid was off he was fine.
The pediatrician’s immediate, big concern- and he talked about little else- was that Bren is very behind socially. Maybe that’s because he wouldn’t look at him and bawled the entire time??! I knew it was an issue but I didn’t think he’d be *so* concerned at this moment about it. Last year he simply said it was his personality and he was just shy. This time he stressed that he needs to be put in a group setting of other children 2-3x a week for 2-3 hours, starting immediately. He stressed group too- not one on one with another child. DH and I are going to look into a Little Gym/Gymboree class for him as a start. We are kind of at a loss as to what else we can do. We definitely do not have the $ for daycare and don’t belong to any church for a mom’s day out program. Of course, being pregnant, I bawled during this whole conversation. It shouldn’t have surprised me though. The conversation or the tears.
My biggest concern was his behavior. What to do when Bren refuses to cooperate, follow directions, answers you with NO! and crossed arms, drops to the floor, etc. This drives DH and I bonkers. He said to pick our battles and instead of asking him what he wants, to give him a choice between two items. His example was “Do you want milk in the red cup or the blue cup.” We do this choice suggestion already so it wasn’t too helpful. On the picking the battles- am I really supposed to let his powerfully defiant behavior go undisciplined a lot of the time??? We are really struggling with this right now and are clueless as to what to do. At home we can send him to his room (partially works but it takes many 3 minute sessions) but out in public the only thing we can figure out to do is to try to reason with him and when that doesn’t work, to spank him. Neither work. I guess we’ll have to be married to the stroller once more because our biggest public issues are him running off and refusing to walk. Bren has a few red marks on his arm and I figured out it was from how he drops to the floor when we are walking somewhere while holding onto his lower arm. Our immediate response is to hold tighter and tug to try to get him to stand back up. UGH! 🙁 Not happy at the moment.
He ended the appointment with “So I’ll see you guys…” and I replied “in August.” 😀
My 22w0d OB appt was very brief. I gained 5 1/2 pounds. Whoops. So I am 2 1/2 pounds up from what I started at. The top number on my blood pressure is a bit high for me. Last time in the 2nd trimester I hovered around 100/74 and this time I am hovering around 134/74. Doctor didn’t mention it though. She also didn’t mention that I already have a bit of protein in my urine. Don’t really know what amount “+1” is but I do know I had that amount last time but it started several months later. My uterus measured two weeks ahead at 24 weeks (same as last pregnancy at this point), heartbeat was fine. We even got there 40 minutes early and I was seen immediately. 😀
Yesterday marked 4 months left to go!!! WooHoo!!! I guess that makes me in the 6th month now, with the 6th, 7th, 8th & 9th months to go. WOW. 😀

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  1. I’m sure someone will have a good suggestion or we’ll figure something out, or maybe he’ll just grow out of the stubborn phase. I hope so!!! Luvu, DH

  2. We have the same issue with Lauren here at home. She can be so bratty at times – and she is a BIG fan of “NO!”. Aside from spanking her or doing time out we are also at a loss of how to fix this. At the store or anywhere else she pushes ALL the buttons about not sitting in the cart or stroller and wanting to walk and running off. My DH tells me this is because I have not disciplined her enough that she gets away with too many things already…*sigh*…wish I had some helpful advice.

  3. I’ve got a few suggestions for the out in public behavior and the social interaction with other kiddos. I’ll email you. :o)

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