Water labor

I ordered a birth pool today. If I can’t have a home waterbirth, at least I can have a home water labor! I just hope I get the opportunity to use it. I also bought a nifty sink-hose adaptor so I can use warm water straight from the sink. It sounds heavenly! 😛
With this being a VBAC, I want as little opportunity as possible for them to turn it into another c-section. I am staying away from the hospital til I can’t stand it any longer! Just wish I could check myself for dilation so I’d know when to go! I also need to read up on the safety of laboring in water after your water breaks… the pool will be brand new so should be pretty sterile itself. Doubt I’ll have time to boil 106 gallons of water, lol.
You guys get to look forward to a moment by moment labor story. I haven’t held anything back yet and don’t plan on starting now.