An answer I’ve been seeking

I have been looking for the connection between effacement percentages and cervical length and finally found some information.
“The unaffected cervix in the third trimester usually measures between 3.5 and 4.8 cm in length. Fifty-percent effacement corresponds to a cervical length of 1.5 cm, and 75-percent effacement corresponds to a length of 1.0 cm.”
So if I am told I am 50% effaced when my dr checks me, then I’ve gone from 3.75 cm at my 18 week ultrasound to 1.5 cm.
I scored another win on Ebay- a new DVD of “Dr. Jack Newman’s Visual Guide to Breastfeeding”. It costs $25+ shipping from Canada to order it from his website. I won it for $12 total and all of that is donated to LLL. Yay!
Remember Bren’s calling me “Dam”- where he switches from Dad to Mom mid-word and then cuts it off? Well now he also calls DH “Mud”. Sames thing, he starts off calling him Mom and then changes over to Dad in the middle of it. We don’t care to be called Dam and Mud. :/ LOL.
In better news, Bren’s sentence structure took another leap recently. His sentences are filled with hard to figure out filler words now. His new tv love? Tom & Jerry! He’s been rather well behaved and loving lately… knock on wood.

One thought on “An answer I’ve been seeking

  1. Wow, your description of effacement just made that make it totally understandable to me. I knew it was the thinning of the cervix, but I get it now! Thanx. 🙂
    Good buy on the cd, hope the nursing works for you this time, i have read through all your old diaries and can tell how badly you want to nurse.
    Too cute about Brendan with Mud now. hehe. He’s a sweetie!

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