Little Gym 4

Good day! 😀
Little Gym was yesterday and was a setback. Bren was very close to not going in at all. He didn’t even want to be in the building. About 20 minutes into the lesson, DH was holding him in him lap in a chair by the exit door. I was in poor form last night and got to crying and just couldn’t stop. I went over to him and finally said, “Okay, Brendan. We can go bye-bye. But if we go bye-bye, we can’t come back because Little Gym will be over and you won’t get to play. Do you want to go or do you want to go swing on the bars, run and jumps with the boys and girls and play with the balls and bubbles?”
He replied, “Swing.” And off he went to play on the equipment.
He participated in one skill led by the teachers- which was climbing up a big mat mountain and figuring out how they wanted to get down. He shied away from a lot of social interactions like not going to get his own ball and then playing with it in the empty side of the room and doing things on his own or with Daddy. He didn’t bring the ball back to put it away either, just threw it in the teacher’s direction. He did improve in a skills area though- he got up on the low, wide balance beam and walked it by himself- previously he has been shy of it without holding our hand.
2 more “parent & child” classes before the big switch. Hah!
Potty training is moving at a snail’s pace but continues to be child-led. Easier on me AND him and I’m not in a hurry. Bren has been in a very loving mood lately. Love the hugs ‘n’ kisses! He has started experimenting with his V-Smile but, unfortunately, thinks it’s funny when his little guy dies. LOL. Still a Tom & Jerry nut and loves to watch Between the Lions with me. He can sing 1/2 of the intro song and it’s so sweet! 😉
It’s the 17th again! 3 months to go! Baby H remains nameless. Just printed the 2005 “Top 500” list yesterday. The name I like is just not DH’s favorite. It has been voted off the island 2 pregnancies in a row now. Maybe third time is a charm? 😛 We have pretty much everything we need to start with though I would like a bouncer to put him in. We got a wonderful deal on diapers and now have 40 newborn Pampers and 400+ size 1-2s (a size between 1 & 2- weird) in the closet. 450 diapers sounds like a lot but it’ll cover less than 2 months.

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  1. You want a bouncer to put him in? Come get it. :p We live in Pilot Point now, so Gainesville is a very short drive for us. I have an almost brand new bouncer with a navy fleece blanket attached to the bottom that Josh loved. You are more than welcome to it, and I would love to see you guys again! Plus, I never got to see Bren, and you have never seen the girls or Josh. So, c’mon!

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