This is why not a single stranger has noticed I am pregnant (pic from 27w2d, little over a week ago).

My boobs are in a neck-to-neck race with my belly and I just look really, really fat. For comparison purposes, let’s review.

This was from 15 weeks. Belly does not stick out much further now but look at the width difference!!! 🙁 Waaaah.
Other melons are growing at the H household. Here’s one. I much prefer watching it grow, lol.

Yes, it is not a feel good day. My butt-hip hurts so bad I can’t even sit without pain. Started the night before last when I picked myself up and scooted over in bed crab-walk style instead of being the proper preggo girl and rolling out of bed and rolling back in if I wanted to be 3 inches more to the left.
For some good news- I haven’t had an utterly exhausted day in about a week. Baby boy should be approaching 15 inches and 3 pounds now. I can also feel my uterus much better now when I lay on my back. I measured 3 weeks ahead at my last appt and I’ll betcha I don’t go up a full 2 weeks this time. In fact, I bet I measure 1 week ahead instead of 3 now. We’ll find out tomorrow. Haven’t weighed myself in forever so that’ll be a surprise as well. Just please oh please let my blood pressure be normalish so I can get 3 weeks between appts and go to the beach and the in-laws for some R & R.
And I can’t leave a pic post without a pic or two of Brenny-boy.

We had a craft day recently… Play-Doh cars

…and paper butterflies (thanks, Family Fun)

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  1. You look great Jen! You really do! And Bren is growing so big, he’s going to be an awesome big brother!

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