Embarrassing story

OMG! Today was sooo funny!
My MIL and I took Brendan to a play place in the mall that was totally full of those huge inflatable jumping castles and slides. He was -><- this much too small to climb up in them! Heehee- he needed a butt boost every time. Then he got in a big cave like one that ends in a big slide and he couldn't climb up the ladder-like thing to get up to the slide. DH wasn't with us. Guess what I got to do?! It was so hard, but I climbed through the long tunnel entrance, over and under various inflated obstacles and up that ladder thing (way over my head) 7 months pregnant, one-handed, lugging an almost 40 pound toddler with a little 4 year old girl right behind me telling the other kids she thought I was too big the entire time. And when I slid down my shirt went flying up and I exposed my entire bra front to the public. I died. But I think it was more of exhaustion than embarrassment. Lol. But it was worth it to see Brendan so happy.

3 thoughts on “Embarrassing story

  1. LOL! Too cute. I love stories like this. It makes me feel 100% human to know that I’m not the only one that shows her bra! Doi.

  2. Wish this entry had photos! Hee hee. Sounds like such fun! Brendan’s a lucky lad to have such a great mommy!

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