33w4d OB appt

Smooch! 😀

Gotta be something weird to every appt, right?! ::rolls eyes::
I measured right on 2 weeks ago… 32 cm at 31w4d. This time I measured at 39 cm/weeks– 5 weeks big. I said “No way!!!” and she measured it again. LOL. And he wasn’t even sticking his rear up!
And she still didn’t ask for an ultrasound!!! YAY! She either didn’t think of it or remembered I asked that an U/S growth assessment not be done.
Everything else was great. B/P was excellent at 126/70. No excessive swelling (even though my hands are still stiff), lost a pound, no spilled protein or sugar, good heartbeat…. yaddie yaddie.
I skip next week and then go weekly. I do believe the first cervical check and baby’s position check will be next time. My next few appts are:
July 18, 3:20 (Tues)
July 24, 2:50 (Mon)
Aug 1, 3:20 (Tues)
Aug 7, 2:30 (Mon)
Oh, and I scored an Avent bottle warmer (don’t know how often it’ll get used but I am sure I’ll want to go out or have someone feed him a bottle at least once in a while) for $5.50! It costs $40 in stores. Heh.
Little Gym was the same- participated some, ran off a lot. He missed about 20 minutes today because he didn’t want to go in the gym and was being stubborn. Sigh.
Here’s Bren with his “odd toy of the week”- baby spoons!! 😀

Darrell with tonight’s snack- a diet strawberry soda & a not so diet strawberry fried pie. Hahahaha.

2 thoughts on “33w4d OB appt

  1. Not much longer. Those every week appts bring back memories. How fun!
    I love Brendan in the first picture of the two of you. Such a BOY! 🙂
    D is pretty cute holding that pie. I would love to snatch it from him right about now. Yum.

  2. You look great! I can’t believe how little time you have left 🙂
    Bren is as cute as always.
    D is too funny, with his diet soda and pie. I am totally guilty of stuff like that, like going to McD’s and getting a big mac with a diet coke!~ haha.

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