It’s August!!

I’m gonna have a baby this month!
37w5d. Nooooothing is going on down there and I mean nothing. This baby is floating so high up that not a speck of pressure is being put on my cervix. Therefore, I’m not the slightest bit effaced or dilated. I am having a hard time focusing on the fact that I’m going to have a joyful new baby in less than 4 weeks when I can practically feel my VBAC slipping further away each week. I just don’t see labor starting on its own in the next 23 days when my body is refusing to prep for a birth. I want it desperately but just can’t see how it’s going to happen short of my water breaking. I did confirm that he is head down, however.
Despite major feet swelling in the past 2 days everything else seems fine. My blood pressure is excellent- 118/70. I gained 2 more pounds which I am positive are baby + water retention and maybe 1 DQ blizzard. I am measuring 43 cm. Good God, no wonder I am umcomfortable!
I am scheduled for the dreaded ultrasound next Tuesday (8th) at 12:30. Please, please, please, baby, swim on down and give my cervix a chance, okay?? Without some kind of change by next Tuesday, I really believe I am going to get the pressure to do another c-section. It’s kind of a given that you are going to measure big and that tends to freak people out.

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