Playing in the rain

10 days til due date!
We had an unexpected rain yesterday afternoon and just had to go out and play in it! It is just so rare here! I don’t know what was better- the water falling from the sky or the sudden drop to 73 degrees. It was heaven even if we decided this was our one chance til October to clean up the junk outside, powerwash the leaves and dirt off of the patio and side of the house, clean out the gutters and generally make presentable once more the backyard so that we can enjoy sitting out there again. It’s a nice place to hang out again. 😀 I’ll enjoy it once I am done being sore. Haha.

Belly shot in the rain- 38w3d.
A funny thing happened yesterday too. Before the storm my DH was pulling up the dead tomato plants in the garden- they just could not survive the extreme conditions we’ve been having. Bren was out with him so I served him his lunch on his little picnic table and sat down in one of the metal lawn chairs my in-laws have given us to keep him company for a moment. We have a pretty private backyard and I was wearing a thigh long tank toppy sort of dress that has gotten a wee shorter in my preggo state. I thought nothing of it though. A few minutes later I went back inside. Well, last night I was in my room and I noticed red marks on my upper back thighs in our mirrored closet doors. I though, “What the heck?!” Upon closer inspection, the area of my legs that had touched the chair directly now sported a nice red diamond pattern!!! 6 hours later! I call it my “grate butt”- haha! I’m now all decorated up for OB visits. LOL.

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  1. You are all baby now. Happy 38 weeks. I have never made it to 38 weeks, both pregnancies! Not much longer… I can’t wait to see pictures of Baby Andrew!

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