I have an entire 4 lines of the birth story written. Sigh. I might as well tell you I ended up with another c-section though you’ll surely have noticed how I thoughtlessly posted about going to get my staples removed. LOL. Dumb-o is me.
Anyway, I’m now having complications from it. I have been swelling below my incision but thought nothing of it since I did the same after Brendan, just not as bad. Apparently it is a pouch of yellow liquid. Yak! Yesterday morning one of my steri-strips (think industrial butterfly bandages) came off and the liquid in there took the opportunity to bust free- leaving me a nice pinky tip-sized hole and a big goopy mess. According to the on-call dr, this was a good thing as the collected liquid would probably have gotten infected otherwise. She advised butterfly bandages and to see my dr on Tuesday if it got worse or started to smell. It is too late (though I don’t know why) to add another stitch and it’ll have to heal slowly on it’s own now.
Well, it continues to leak. I am wearing disposable diapers across it and it still stays wet all the time. All but one of my steri-strips have come off and the butterfly bandages are worthless. My pinky hole is now 2 pinkies and DH says he saw leaking from another spot as well. Frankly, it’s gross.
I’m going to try to wait until tomorrow when the dr office is open again but if it gets worse I may have to go to the ER. Obviously I am living on the couch right now. I have never seen more tv. 😉