Hospital once more

Nope- not for me. My incision has yet to be seen. I think it might heal on its own though. Still leaks some but not as bad.
Nope, not Brendan. He’s fine though a bit sleep deprived as we all are.
Nope, not DH. Though he *was* involved in a bitty fender bender this morning.
That leaves Andrew. 3 occassions of choking and 2 hours of what seemed to be him trying to poop had us bring him to the ER. They didn’t seem to care about either too much- just that he had a fever.
Newborn + fever = 3 day hospital stay + every test imaginable run.
Diagnosis- Reflux. Feed upright. Keep upright. 2 meds. See him again in a week. Seems the fever was a fluke. :/
Frankly, I lost it in the end. Hopefully that slowly reverses now that we are home again. No more cords attached to alarms, blood pressure cuffs, needles, x-rays or nurses poking and prodding every d*mn minute night and day and a baby who understandably turned into Mr. Anxiety and refuses to be put down, awake or asleep. Don’t even ask about the nurse who told me I was nursing him too often.
Breathe in, breathe out. Just might be the perfect time for Daddy to introduce a bottle while mommy sleeps.
He weighed 10 lbs 2 oz this morning.

3 thoughts on “Hospital once more

  1. Oh honey, I’m so sorry!! Glad that all is well and you’re all home again. And “peef” to that nurse! Next time ask how many successful bf relationships she’s had. Ok, that might be rude, but so is saying that you’re nursing too much. Especially in such a stressfull situation for a newborn! Hopefully the reflux meds will help Andrew enough to avoid anything like that again. Did they recommend propping him up at night like with a pillow under the mattress? Letting him hang out in his carseat might help too. You’re doing great!

  2. Tell the nurse to shove it! Honestly duh…obviously doesn’t know what on demand means and when they ar feverish, teething not feeling well booby makes the world a happy place…puts a smile on their face tires mommy but makes them better
    As for you go and get that incision looked at…make sure your not getting sick ok…rest up and sorry for the hospital visit.hugs

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