Things about Andrew

He has a quirky little cowlick on his forehead that is going to be a pest when his hair gets longer. His hair is dark like Bren’s started out. I do think it is getting lighter though- and, like mine, can appear reddish when outside.
He was born with grayish ocean colored eyes that have actually gotten bluer… maybe he’ll actually have blue eyes? Supposedly he has a 50% chance of brown, 25% chance blue (donor) and 25% chance green (my mother). Andy looks a lot like Brendan did except for his eyes. Definitely not my eyes.
His skin is very pale and he is prone to all kinds of red spots and little bumps and such that go away just as quickly as they come for the most part. He was born with a square patch of little white bumps on his nose that finally went away a few days ago. He has 2 large red birthmarks on the back of his head and neck plus a red eyelid birthmark just like Bren’s (except the other eye) and 3 reddish lines on his forehead that I think are birthmarks too.
He has smiled “for real” twice now. Once to me in response to my smile and once to daddy while playing the “stick the tongue out” game.
He gets so excited when it is time to nurse. He’ll thrash his head from side to side with mouth wide open at the sight of my nipple. It’s cute. 🙂 He often cluster feeds during the morning or evening. Nursing is the only sure-fire thing that will calm him. Thank goodness he can be calmed but some days it is very draining on me (haha). He likes to have his head caressed while eating and it puts him to sleep-lol.
He’s a kicker and a flailer- very active. His legs were very curved from being balled up inside me and still are. He still likes to ball up when held- it makes him seem so small.
He somewhat likes the swing and definitely likes to be held chest to chest and patted on the back. He sleeps pretty well in the car or in a shopping cart in his car seat. He also sleeps pretty well at night in his bouncer even though he gets up every 2 to 4 hours to nurse. He has nights where his tummy just hurts to much to consider sleeping much.
He has said “a-goo” a handful of times but mostly he just grunts. He makes a “hic” sound too but doesn’t rapid fire them out like Brendan did.
I weighed Andy yesterday at the lactation center and he is now 10 lb 14 oz. He’s doing fine there. He only gets a 3 oz bottle on evenings when I’ve fed him over and over for several hours and get too exhausted to go any longer. He’s had 5 or 6 of these. Soon 3 oz isn’t going to cut it as enough to calm him down. He has grown out of a few of the smaller 0-3 month footed outfits. We measured him and he has grown an inch since birth- 21 1/2 inches now.
In addition to his Zantac and Reglan, Mylicon gas drops seem to help a lot. I have never seen a baby have gas and tummy issues like him. The drops are an awful pink color that gets on everything though. Ugh. We also tried gripe water last night and he went to sleep about an hour later and slept for a rare 5 hours. Hopefully they gave him some relief. He goes through more than 12 diapers a day.
He’s definitely a Mama’s boy… most of the time no one else will do and he lets them know it! 😀
Edited to add: Ix-nay on the rare 5 hours… DH recalls a 1 a.m. feeding as he was going to bed. Boo-hiss. LOL.

2 thoughts on “Things about Andrew

  1. Hey Jen!
    Wal-Mart does a generic version of Mylicon, and not only are they around $4 vs $10, they are clear! No pink stains on the clothes. 🙂
    I had two very colicky babies, and these things helped me:
    *Constant, gentle pressure on the tummy. I made a band to go around the midsection, about 4 inches wide. I put velcro on the ends, then wrapped it around like a belt. This really helped.
    *Tummy sleeping. I know, I know…SIDS. Talk to your ped. Also, for peace of mind, look into the Angel Care Motion Sensor Baby Monitor. It has a sensor pad that goes under the basinette/crib mattress that sets off an alarm if the baby doesn’t make any movement for 20 seconds. Of any product that I purchased, this one brought me the greatest comfort and relief. It also has the classic sound monitor features. If I hadn’t sold mine, I would happily have sent it to you. 🙂
    *Gripe water, like you mentioned. This actually woked really well for us, and I loved that it was natural. Less worry of giving them too much, etc.
    *Laying them tummy-down across the legs (picture the classic over-the knee spanking pose) while rubbing the back. I used to put a phone book under one foot, to raise one leg a little higher and make it a bit more comfy for the baby.
    *Raise the angle of his crib mattress just a bit. This helps if he’s a barfer. 🙂
    Good luck and ~*~*~sleepy baby vibes~*~*~

  2. Gripe water works…OVUL drops work they are white and you give them after eating so it helps colic is hard Jen but breastfeeding does make it better so keep that in mind he may be coliky but if formula fed it could be worse…so your doing great..
    Robyns suggestion for tummy time on your lap does wonders..just put a puke up cloth on the floor in case and I hope the reflux is getting better poor you and him
    Hugs your doing well and look at him grow way to go Andy!!!!
    how is your incision?

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