Special thanks to my Aussie friend Catherine who came up with the neato phrase “Andy-dotes”. Goes nicely with Bren-bits. 😀
Andy is 8w2d now. His grin is so contagious. Just tell him he’s beautiful in a high pitched voice and he’ll shower you with smiles and wiggles. Mmmmmm… love it! I packed away just about all of his 0-3 month clothes a week ago. Just a few onesies left. He barely fits his Pampers 1-2s… he’ll be into size 2s as soon as he uses up the rest of them. I am guessing he weighs between 12 and 13 pounds now. He has hit a real growth spurt and seems so much bigger. Sometimes in the evening my milk can’t keep up with him so he gets a bottle of EBM or formula. I make just enough most days. He still loves to nurse and we still use the football hold though he now likes to kick off of the wall behind me. Ugh, my poor nipples. He says “Ahhhh!” and “Ahhh-goooo!” It is so adorable! He occassionally gives me 4 or 4 1/2 hours at night now. Thank heavens! Still doesn’t care for the pacifier but loves the pictures on the wall by his changing table. He also like his swing, especially when we’re outside.

Brendan does very well with him. He asks to hold (“carry”) him and kisses and pats him. He laid down to explore the toy gym with Andy when I brought it out this morning and showed him the different toys. He knows his name is Andy or Andrew but Brendan always calls him baby brother. May they grow up to be lifelong friends.
In other news, I finally stopped bleeding at the beginning of the 7th week! Seven weeks!!! Hopefully AF stays far away! I’ve had a few phantom cramps and they make me nervous! Heh.
We also have Brendan’s big wooden swing standing on 6 legs in our backyard. It doesn’t have the swings or the slide attached yet but very soon. Some of my family came over yesterday and helped DH. We had a nice little BBQ. Brendan got to see his beloved Aunt “Cappy” and Andy snuggled nicely in my grandmother’s lap.