Enchilada Sauce

One thing I have always wondered how to make is enchilada sauce. Tonight I made a recipe from Kraft’s website called Beef Pozole. It calls for 3 dried guajillo chiles and 1 dried ancho chile. You lop off the tops, take out the seeds, soak them in hot water and then puree them in the blender. This *has* to be how real enchilada sauce is started. I bet if I took this puree and added some powdered beef bouillon, some tomato paste, a bit of fat like oil or hamburger drippings, garlic powder & cumin, I’d have a decent and authentic enchilada sauce. I’ll have to try it sometime!
Like I said, I made this recipe tonight but I couldn’t bear to cook the meat in italian dressing like it says. It’s just wrong. I used super lean meat cut into smaller cubes than called for and fried them in a bit of hot oil instead. And I omitted the corn. Hominy and corn in the same dish??? LOL. It was quite a good soup. I love soup with melted cheese in it!