Bren and I have been practicing writing activities the past 2 days. Yesterday he held 2 markers together and called it a flag so I asked him if he wanted to draw a flag. We did that and put a star in it. Then I held my hand over his again and we wrote out “FLAG” and his name. He really enjoyed it.
Today, considering his extreme interest in the numbers of his Thomas engines (i.e. “Thomas is the number one blue engine”) and the fact that he recently learned that 1 and 2 beside each other make twelve, we wrote out the numbers from 1 to 15 together. I was curious if he could trace so I drew a yellow zig zag and a curly pattern for him to trace with the red marker. After practicing 2 little versions with me he was able to do them himself. Yay! He needs to practice hand-pen coordination and the zig zags are right up his alley since he has been playing the Starfall zigzag skit in the letter Z over and over. We say “zig” as we draw up and “zag” as we draw down. LOL.
In baby news… Uggggghhhhhh! Last 2 nights I have gotten up every 2 1/2 hours or less- 5 times and then 4 times last night but would have been 5 if Brendan hadn’t woken up more than 2 hours early. This is the only part about baby care that I hate and I know breastfeeding plays a large role in it. Other than this, Andy is a model baby- very happy and playful. This morning I was staring off into space while he nursed and he gave out this fake cry sound. I looked down at him and he gave me his widest grin and cooed- he wanted my attention so we could play! 🙂
Andy’s day is much like I remember kindergarten to be… all about stations. Under the gym, in the swing, play on the floor, in the bouncer, in the highchair while I cook, under the crib mobile… He moves from place to place interspersed with naps and meals. We always start daytime nursing with little chats. He is so lovable and cute!
Edited to add… here is his 2nd tracing page.