So, so busy

But I have to write down a cute thing Bren said tonight:
DH: “Let’s go bye-bye, Brendan.”
Bren: “We’re not going bye-bye. We’re going outside to see all my friends from the Hundred Acre Wood. Let’s go!” [Note: our Christmas decorations are Pooh themed].
Wow! Far cry from “Come on Anthony, let’s play in the snow!”- the 8 word sentence I recorded last January, 11 months ago.
Brendan is totally loving Christmas!!!
Andy is nearing the 4 month mark rapidly. He tried both avocado (Wheeee! More please!) and sweet potatoes (Eh.) today. I mix just about everything up with rice or oatmeal and he definitely prefers fruits. I wonder if he’d like the veggies more if I didn’t thicken them up.
Andy is getting into the pacifier now and likes to choke himself on his own fingers. He is really into little stuffed animals, especially this little purple puppy of his. Mostly he likes to talk and interact with people. We just switched to 6-9 month clothes and size 3 Pampers cruisers. He breastfeeds about 5 times during the day and once or twice at night.
DH and I have been making Oreo and candy cane barks and Alton Brown’s pinwheel chocolate/peppermint candy swirled cookies for his coworkers. Tomorrow that’ll be done with and a big check mark on my “to do” list. It’s been hectic but fun.
***We’re going to be on tv!! Watch us on “Over the Top Christmas” airing on HGtv. First showing is December 17th at 8 pm central.***