Merry Christmas!

I can’t believe I made it- here it is the night before we leave for Christmas and I have just a few items left to do. Mainly, packing suitcases and addressing areas I don’t want to leave to stew for 10 days (Ewww- Can we say empty the diaper pail??).
I hope everyone has a merry Christmas and I’ll see y’all in January!! Have some merry desserts while you’re at it!!

I call this photo “Bite the big one”. LOL.
5 Minute Any Flavor Fudge (you go Rachel Ray)
Melt 2 bags any flavor chips in saucepan. Stir in 1 can condensed milk and 1 t vanilla or other flavoring. Stir in nuts or dried fruit if desired. Pour into a pan and allow to cool in fridge for 30 minutes. Make in a wreath shape for the holidays by pouring into a round cake pan with the empty condensed milk can (wrapped in plastic wrap) in the center. Do not spread the wreath smooth- it looks better chunky.
We made cinnamon chip peanut fudge!!! Yu-ummm!